Old School Animation: 2D and 3D stop-motion in the world of digital tendencies

Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. March 10 – 31.

+Workshop will end with a live screening on Wednesday March 31st at 6pm

Old-School Animation: 2D and 3D stop-motion animation in the world of digital tendencies is a workshop designed for artists and filmmakers who have an interest in or a current practice in stop motion animation. While working through the basic needs essential to stop-motion animation, the workshop will also encourage participants to advance their own artistic practice through the lens of filmmaking and analogue animation. Additionally, the workshop will seek to create a deeper understanding of the materiality of filmmaking, the process, and the importance of formalism in a world seeped with realism in film. Participants high school aged to adult are welcome.

Necessary Personal Materials:

-A computer with a non-linear editing software (Adobe Premiere preferred)

-A camera of some type (DSLR, still camera, iPhone, etc.)

-Objects/materials for animation (clay, plastic, live people, etc.)

Instructor: Melissa Myser. 

Melissa Myser is an experimental filmmaker, technician, writer and educator currently based in Philadelphia, PA. Having worked in all veins of filmmaking from documentary, to narrative, to experimental performance art Myser’s teaching and creative practice revolve around the uniqueness of each makers own perspective. With an MFA in Moving Image from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA in Film Studies as well as a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Myser’s work often weaved in and out of film and art. Having shown in film festivals and galleries across the United States, Myser’s film practice focuses on her deep familial roots in the Western US. A Colorado native, with family dating back five generations, the people and stories that inhabit her creative work seek to explore the myth of the American West and what it means to be a “contemporary westerner”.



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Thursday Film Soirée

Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. February 18 – March 25.

In light of the covid-19 global pandemic the artistic exchange of thought and workshopping has come to a screeching halt and the filmmaking community has not been spared. The Thursday Film Soirée seeks to provide a space for filmmakers at any stage in their creative process a place to receive thoughtful feedback, exchange ideas, have additional eyes on your work and build a filmmaking network. Are you working on a screenplay, editing through a new film, or even in pre production for a film post-covid? Whatever your process, stage, or mode of making the Thursday Film Soirée seeks to bring together filmmakers to meet and watch works in process, read through scripts and provide a hub for creative progress in all forms. Additionally, we will speak through giving and receiving constructive criticism for one another’s work and understanding of all forms of filmmaking. Participants should have work in progress, at any stage, and be seeking an artistic community to gain feedback from as well as be open to providing feedback to others. Thursday meetings will be reserved for discussion, additional viewings, read throughs, or whatever a participant desires to gain the feedback they need. New and advanced filmmakers are welcome.

Instructor: Melissa Myser. 


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