It is hard to put into words, but all I can say is Absolutely Life Changing! Not only  did I learn a lot about art and history but also I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. Don and Paul set up a framework that allowed me to see a new and foreign place in different perspectives that definitely allowed for much more exploration into another side of Italy that a normal tourist in a foreign country would see. There is a reason I have taken three of their classes! I have made life long friends while on these trips and will be returning as soon as I can manage​!

Elise Picard   (Italy 2014/ 2016/ 2018) 

The course I took with Dr. Seastrum and Dr. Edwards, “Aesthetics: Frame and Lens,” encompassed our entire experience in Florence and other areas of northern Italy. We focused on the perspectives of our perceptions, which allowed for an extraordinarily cognitive experience while absorbing the rich, intensive art culture and history of Italy. The opportunity to take this class was life-changing for me; the lenses that I acquired while I was experiencing the course and a foreign country provided the true essence and meaning for such an incredibly compositional experience within my life. I expected my focus to be on art and the history that I knew I would be surrounded by in the streets of Florence, but I soon learned that my focus was less on the art and more on the people and the culture, the people who lived in all of the dirty yellow buildings with giant wooden doors and washed out green shutters. I learned to walk down unknown paths, eat unknown foods, go unknown places, and make temporary friends with unknown people who I may never see again but who will always be a part of who I am. I learned to walk through unknown doors by myself, and this has provided me with a confidence and a courage and a desire to take off into the unknown and experience it for all that it is worth with any and all of the characters along the way.”

Cassandra Grigware ( Italy 2016)

The experience I had in Italy was unlike any other. I learned so much about the world outside my front door. I was indeed skeptical and nervous at first; I will say taking the leap to get out of my small town was the best decision I’ve ever made. I made so many friendly acquaintances with the locals, seen wondrous monuments, and beautiful breathtaking landscapes. But I wasn’t alone on this trip; I had my peers and professors to enjoy this journey. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to explore my horizons and now I want to venture further into the world. Thanks to Don Seastrum and Paul Edwards for opening the door.

Daphne Fiedler (Italy 2016)

Studying in Italy with Dr. Seastrum and Dr. Edwards was an amazing time. Don and Paul are funny, laid back and yet organized as well as having insider knowledge. Both know the Italian culture well and make a seamless transition between the classroom and historical sites.

Carley Clegg (Italy 2016)

Vita  Students Comments from Program/Workshop Evaluation Forms




This was the first class of it’s kind that I experienced.  It was a “eureka moment.” so fundamental to creating, assessing and understanding art!  Don is a great professor, so knowledgeable and present the material in the best way to understand some complex concepts. –

The instructor is not only very knowledgeable on all art, related topics, his teaching style ensures each participant learns and can apply presented principles.  When anyone asked a question he can turn on a dime, give us information needs and ensures we comprehend, amazingly gifted.  I am stunned at the amount of information he gives us and even more amazed that I understand, remember and can apply to my work. –