Finding Your “Voice”: Developing an Authentic Aesthetic Narrative in Your Work. “This Is Who I Am. This Is What I Have To Say!”

This program of inquiry is designed for anyone who would like to more fully develop their “voice” as an artist and understand how to apply fundamental composition techniques and application principles in developing an authentic aesthetic narrative in their work.

For the purposes of this program of  inquiry “authentic”  describes an artist whose personal creative voice is based within their individual concepts and directions resistant to the imposition of commercial demands, gallery interference, cultural norms regarding taste, genre or any other external restraints. Artists who are authentic will, by the very nature of their artistic practice, be “original,” but not clichéd originality based on the obvious tactic of being different for the sake of difference

Rather than being a single focus workshop this is a continuing program of study that is dedicated to the creation of dynamic and meaningful compositions expressive of the artists authentic aesthetic voice, a personal voice developed through a process of discussion, critiques, demonstrations and application “assignments.” This program of study is broken up into 5-week sections of 3 hours per class. Between the 5-week sections there would be a two-week break. Beginning with the first five-week section and continuing on each five-week section would build on the information and applications of the preceding five-week section. This structure could be continued as long as “students” are interested.

The program is intended for participants with experience in water-based media (watercolor and/or acrylic paints), colored pencils, pastels, and/or graphite.  Because the participants select their media it is important for them to have a familiarity and experience working with that chosen media, the elements, and principles of composition including color, space, shape, form, line, and texture.

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Program Facilitator

Don Eugene Seastrum​

Don is Emeritus Professor of Art, holds a Ph.D. in Fine Art from the Union Institute, a Masters degree from the University of Denver and a Bachelors degree from Western Colorado University.  A more complete description of Dr. Seastrum’s background and personal work can be found at ​

Cost: $200 for five weeks

A minimum number of 5 “students” will be required to hold the course. To maker sure that we can keep this as individual as possible the maximum number of “students” will be 8.

Finding Your “Voice”: Developing an Authentic Aesthetic Narrative in Your Work  is not a credit-bearing course. Arrangements for the earning of CEUs or academic credit are the responsibility of the participant, and must be made with an accredited institution.

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