3-workshops/ brief description

Jennifer Wells

1.Title: Collected & Found for Jewelry and Sculpture


Searching, finding, and collecting all lead to making in this workshop. Problem solving, material investigation and the use of multiples will be major elements as we explore how to create jewelry and sculptural works from found and collected objects. Additional materials such as iron wire will be used to create settings, links and the framework to support the piece. Participants will be asked to allow time to learn the materials and experiment with the variety of results possible from manipulating a single material. The end works may be worn or displayed off the body in a variety of ways. The samples and finished pieces will be documented together and separately to create a history of material studies for each participant. This workshop is for people who have experience creating and feel comfortable working with their hands. No past jewelry or sculpture experience is necessary.

  1. Title: Drawing in 3-D


In this course participants will be creating 3-dimensional forms using iron wire. Through the use of iron wire we will mimic the qualities of pencil line drawings in space. Demonstrations will cover how to connect the wires, build structural integrity, problem solve form construction and some traditional weaving techniques. I will provide start up ideas, but encourage students to explore their own forms for the wall, tabletop, garden or to be worn as jewelry. Inspiration can come from sketchbooks, historical line drawings, collections, dried flora and many more places. We will cover different finishing techniques to protect and seal the steel wire once the piece is complete. Participants will be asked to bring with them safety glasses, pliers with different noses, good snips, and any steel wire they might have. All participants should be comfortable and able to work with and grip pliers.

3.Title: Enamels for the body


In this workshop we will explore three-dimensional forms for jewelry through working with iron wire and liquid enamel. Demonstrations will be given on how to construct wire forms and incorporate weaving into the piece. Once the wire element is complete the pieces will then be enameled and construction of the setting will begin. Demonstrations will be given to explain several setting options; prong, tab, bezel and a mix. Each person will choose a setting that best suits his or her wire form. This course is set up in a pick and match system to allow for everyone to pick out a form and setting to create their own finished piece. This format is to ensure that everyone leave with one piece in the format of a pendant or brooch finished. Participants will want to have basic filing, sawing and soldering skills. ‎ Add Form Add Submissions Player Insert a Slideshow Insert Slideshow